Trouble with Studio 4: Keyboard Shortcuts don't work anymore

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Hi Folks!

Recently my DAZ Studio 4 doesn't accept keyboard shortcuts like [Ctrl] S for saving, for deleting and so on. Chosing functions with the mouse from the menus still works fine. Especially annoying is that I so cannot copy&paste; item parameters with [Ctrl] C an [Ctrl] V anymore.

Has anyone had this too? Might it be that I unwillingly altered something like a setting in something like the preferences?

I already tried setting the preferences back to factory settings and reinstalling the whole soft but it didn't help.

Many thanks for helping me in advance and Kind Regards



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    Go to Edit-Customize (or press F3) and click on the "Defaults" button at the bottom left.

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    The Customize command does not appear in my Edit menu.

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    Try Window > Workspace > Customize

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    Thanks for the tip I will try this immediately....I tried it and you have absolutely made my day...I didn't think I'd ever figure that one out...Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart this issue was tripling my render times.

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    I've been having this problem for a while. I'm glad I found this thread.

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