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Store New Releases page caching AAARGH
Posted: 21 August 2012 09:54 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I’ve noticed a worrying slowdown in the release of new products recently (I regularly check the New Releases and Fastgrab pages). I figured DAZ has its hands so full there hasn’t been much time for new products.

Today for some reason I forced a browser refresh (Ctrl-F5 in IE) and voila, there are loads of new products. Whoa, what have I missed?! sick

Be warned - if the store pages haven’t changed you might want to refresh them. I don’t recall ever having this problem in the old store. Auntie ajax told me little johnny has to set a cache policy in the store page headers ...


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I have noticed the same.  For the past fwe days I have only seen Jazlyn at the top. All of a sudden I am a page and a half behind


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Wow… you ppl are patient… when nothing changed for half a day I hit F5 *lol*


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I saw this effect also and found out that the reason (at least for me) was a stored linked with the following format:

After removing the / before the ? the it worked as expected: