Where is push modifier?

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Hello in daz 4.5 pro i looked in Edit>Object then Geometry,and Edit>Figure then Geometry
And cannot see apply Apply Push Modifier anywhere.
Am i looking in wrong area?


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    The edit drop-down menu is context dependent, make sure you have the scene tab selected before clicking on it.

    (For clarity, that's the edit option accessed from the top right of the scene tab)

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  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    you are serchng right place . just try again.

    top menu>EDIT>FIGURE(OR OBJECT)>GEOMETRY> check below .

    or scene tab option, EDIT>GEOMETRY>

    And Ram woulf said,,

    "Someone was asking about settings for the Push Modifier.. there is a slider for that. It’s under the Mesh Offset under General."

    and if you correct install ds 4.5_? or need Register for use new tools still?

    before some one say, if ds 4.5 may run as normal ver without register.

  • mrgraphixmrgraphix Posts: 43
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    Found it i was clicking edit at top it was in the scene tab... Thanks everyone

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