[Mil SubDragon] Help, my dragon doesn't work, deadline looms ahead

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So I started working on my last render gig pic, with Mil Subdragon in it.

Except, right now it doesn't work, and it used to work at least in 4.5RC2 (using 4.5 final at the moment).

If I load the dragon from DAZ folder (Animals ->Millennium Subdragon) it works, except it has none of the Expansion morphforms and injecting them doesn't work. (Yes, I checked the parameters tab with see hidden on.)

If I try to use Figures -> DAZ Dragons -> SubDragon (which has the Powerloader), it vomits up errors and loads no dragon.

I have re-installed my SubDragon, re-downloaded it as well (even if there was no change in version numbers), re-installed it again, and the scaly beast just refuses to load.

Log file is actually utterly silent about any loading problems:
Script executed successfully.
Executing DAZ Script file: C:/Users/Skiriki/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library/runtime/libraries/Character/DAZ Dragons/SubDragon.dsb

Injections to DAZ-loaded subdragon provoke whinings:
Warning: Vertex index for delta out of range on line 704 in C:/Users/Skiriki/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library/Runtime/libraries/!DAZ/SubDragon/Deltas/LE/InjDeltas.BASEWingStrutStraight.pz2 (ad nauseaum for pretty much everything)

Uh, help? Please? Quick?

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    I get that "Vertex index for delta out of range" when I try to INJect morphs into my TriAx converted Aiko3, and it just so happens that there is a TriAx version of the SubDragon in 4.5, it could be a case of Powerloader is trying to load the TriAx version instead of the original Poser version.

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    I have no idea what it is, but it is driving me bonkers, as I can't apply the morphs I want to use; I have a full Mil SubDragon (not just the LE version that comes with DAZ Studio), and dangit. :down: I'm pretty sure I can use just the LE version of the dragon to meet the deadline, it just won't look as good as I hoped it would look like, with all the spikes and head morphs.

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    Try removing the Powerloader script, right click the dragons thumbnail in the content library and select "Browse to file location", once there move the SubDragon.dsb file to your desktop, then back in DS right click an area next to the thumbnail and select "refresh". What you now have is the CR2 without the Powerloader, should load a lot quicker but you will have to INJect the morphs yourself.

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    Okay, I can deal with manual injections; I'll wait for my test render (which doesn't involve a dragon) to finish before I do that. Will let know how it went.

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    YES! Thank you! That saved my bacon!

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