What the heck is going on with posted images?

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First we were told to keep our posted images no larger than 800 x 800 pixels because the forum thumbnail generator wasn't working yet.
If you posted an image that was too large, it was swiftly deleted by an admin.

Now users are posting all kinds of crazy sized images, and it's busting the hell out of the forum threads to a point where it's difficult to read the text in the posts.

It appears that the forum software is trying to restrain the vertical size of posted images to 500 pixels, but is not restraining the width.

Why are image sizes not still being policed, and restricted to 800 pixels wide until the forum resizing is working?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,602
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    The code is wrong, as you say it's looking at height rather than width. We are adding padding* to images that break the formatting baldy enough to lose text, and hoping the code will be fixed soon.

    * in Photoshop, Image>Canvas Size, add extra space at the bottom so that the height is large enough to trigger the resize down to a workable width. Most image editors wil have an equivalent function, for adding space rather than resizing the image that's there.

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 325
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    Because the mods are not omniscient.

    Report such an image when you find one, so they will know of it.

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,735
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    We don't need every image reported, thankyou.

    We are aware of the problem, as Richard has said, and Daz3D is also aware and working on fixing it.

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    hell I can't even post pictures in my art thread AGAIN
    been 3 days

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