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Bringing up Daz on Android AGAIN! & maybe iPad too
Posted: 26 May 2012 01:00 PM   [ Ignore ]
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yeah I know there is an emotiguy app already!
carring on from discussion on the old forum, one day SOON maybe a more exciting app using Genesis, some simple texturable clothing like a loose body suit and ability to pose and render with picture backgrounds
surely something possible!
I have a desperate need to play with something more exciting than TrueSculpt on the go! ARE making inroads
no-one expects Daz studio on Android but a cool app that can be used WITH it, ie save poses etc would be fun.
struth even an almost stick figure pose creator and Aniblock creator would be cool! (prob need gofigure on board for the latter!)
typing this browsing the forum on my Android in bed after getting bored with my other apps!


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Jaderail is at it again

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Splashtop remote desktop is supposed to be the fastest on android, being able to stream the full desktop in HD. With metadata, daz studio is an app already, just click and go.
Runs on ipad too.


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