Are the older versions of Daz Studio still availible?

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Hi Guys. My computer is too old to run the current version of Daz Studio, but it's able to run older versions (like Version 2).

Does Daz keep an archive of older releases? I can only find version 2 on cnet, and the installer defaults to version 4 instead when I go to install it. I can't seem to find it anywhere online, and I'm usually good at finding stuff with google. Does anyone have the exact version number for version 2? That might make it easier to find.

I had version 2 a few years ago, but I had to reformat and I lost it during that.

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    If you have DS3 or DS3A in your order history you can reset them, but I don't think 2.3 was ever distributed that way. Any place you find it online is not legit. Your only option is to contact Sales Support and ask them if they can make it available for you.

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    Okay thanks! I'll do just that. It was several years ago and I'm a bit fuzzy on what version it was, but it was back when Daz Studio was freeware and pretty simple. I'm pretty sure it was Version 2. I doubt it'll be in my sales history, since I downloaded it back then without making an account most likely.

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