Miyu Content Broken in daz 4.5

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Hi Guys,

I hope some one can help me out with this one.

The content for Miyu

Is not working in my Daz 4.5
When I first tried to load the content I got a error stating that duplicate ids was found then the items was placed in the cene but also not, It appears in the cene tab, but not in the display.

I then searched this error and came accross http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/740/
followed the instructions, restared Daz.

When i try to load the content again i dont get the error, but the same happen, loads the content in the cene tab, but not on the cene it self plus it breaks my smart content.

Tried un installing Miyu + mettadata, do the script again, but no success. realy want to use the content in a render


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    Have you tried resting the pack to compare the ver. # to see if its been updated. There are numerous packs that have been updated to work properly in 4.5 but you have to reset and re-install.

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    Checked the content and both file versions are the same

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    Hey, Miyu is first item I bought for genesis. and sometimes I use it.

    then I found the duplicate ID erroer too. I mentioned about DS 4.5 topic,
    then I think there seems more items of pther products which cause duplicate ID.

    as for me. belt. dsf cause duplicate ID erroer. other items can load without ID erroer.

    So I hope topic we can report every items if someone find duplicate ID with the product ver.

    and check new version, if there has came new ver products which remove ID erroer,
    we can reinstall it.

    (I actually think why customer everytime report for proucts which can use in ds 4.5 or not.
    or with metadata or not, ore new version came or not,, it seems strange, but DAZ do not do it,
    so we need to do it by ourselefs)

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    they are products in bandle item.
    FantasyWrap.dsf cause duplicate ID erroer too.

    version of Miyu


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    and, find new type erroer

    when I load item of wicked beach wear ,it cause new erroer message
    it seems about auto- followed morph? or original FBMfemale ?
    actually there not files but before I used it, there seems not this erroer.
    13553_WickedBeachwear_1.1_trx.exe - pc

    I check itemized order, then check new version,
    (miki, Classic bundle of genesis, too)

    but seems daz not change product ver.

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