DS3a and the new DS4.5Pro content and custom morphs: asking for advice

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Hello guys.

On my first tries with DS4Pro I had huge problems on loading old scenes or building new ones, like "mad" dials, render crashes, morphs disappearing, deformers "exploding"(on save ok, on opening it gets huge or shrink) and etc. then I got back to DS3a. I also tried to merge the content folders and some scenes stopped opening on DS3a (of course I had a backup).

Once again, I will try to begin working on DS4.5P (2nd try on 4.5) and I want some advices from you, if possible, also answering my questions:

1. Do you guys who use now the DS4.5 have experienced problems with custom morphs or old scenes? (like X&M fixes for V4.2 and deformers)
Is there any trick to fix it?

2. Is it possible to merge the content folder from DS3a and 4.5p?
If not, Is there any trick to keep it working without the need to to install everything 2 times? (one install for each program)

3. Any other Advice?

I took a look on the forum but it was not solving my problems, this will be my 5th try on DS4 (4.5), man, I`m in trouble :(

Thanks in advance.


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    I have been using 4.5 for a few days now with no problems. I also used RC2 and RC3.

    To use your DS3 content folder, just add it as a DAZ Studio Formats and Poser Formats in your Content Directory manager, no need to reinstall.

    What OS are you using, and what are your machine specs?

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    I can do that, I will make a backup of it it before doing this because I`m afraid that my last projects stop opening.
    I run Windows 7x64, not a bad machine, an i7 3400, 16gb ram, memory is not the problem, the max DS3a used was about 9gb.

    Would it work if I install all genesis stuff on DS4 content folder and keep installing compatible props an v4 stuff on the DS3 content?
    I need to work with both for now until I find a way to use the fixes and deformers on DS4 properly.


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    Yes, DS4 can read the DS3 content folder, including it's runtime, so no problem installing stuff to DS3.

    I install all of my Genesis stuff to My Library, and usually install Poser content to seperate runtime folders, it works fine.

    Your machine specs are much the same as mine, Win 7 64 bit, i7 processor, and DS has yet to crash on me. I only have 8 GB RAM, but I generally don't use large scenes, or shader based lighting.

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