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I have been adding free stuff from Share CG and some other sources to my content for a while now. However some comes in runtimes which are relatively simple to manage, but other some as a set of files, which TBH i have no idea how to handle. I am only using DS so that might cut down the options somewhat i suppose. I have included a screen shot of one prop i got from SCG but i have no real idea what to do with the files. Anyone help please

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    Hello again David

    The AOI one is from a little Java program called Art of Illusion I think. but you can use the OBJ/MTL combination inside DS4P. Go to File > Import, and find the OBJ file. It is just the mesh, so it should load OK. DS should load the MTL files as well, but it probably needs to be in the same folder as the OBJ for that to happen.

    See if that works?

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    This tutorial shows you how to install freebies in DS3. All the concepts apply to DS4+ except it doesn't cover the metadata.

    I think Jaderail was also working on a freebie installer tut somewhere, but I can't find the link right now.

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    Thank you both very much, this is a great help

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