Multiple static figures in a scene - better as .dufs or exported OBJs?

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I was wondering if anyone could answer a question...hopefully it won't be too complicated. :)

Suppose I wanted to make a scene with a dozen Mil Dragons or Trolls or something similar, but their poses won't need to be adjusted once they're set. Do you think it uses less system resources to just load a dozen of them into a scene and render, or to export them individually as OBJs and reimport (because they won't need to be poseable)?

Now that .dufs reference a saved file, scene sizes are very small. Does this have any effect on Studio's performance when multiple copies of a saved figure are loaded?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    I would say using OBJ files would take up far less resources. They don't carry rigging information or morph channels, and just load the already posed mesh. I don't know anything much about the new files either, so we will just wait and see what others (more knowledgable) may think :)

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    If a few are in the same pose you can try Instances, which take up less memory than everything else. I haven't tested it but I don't think that the file format change has any impact on memory use: textures are textures no matter what, and the geometry plus morphs and pose information hasn't changed to my knowledge.

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