Sedition Soldier Render

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I did some searching but, unfortunately, I'm too new to this to know what to search for.

I'm using DazStudio 4.5

I'm trying to get the quality of render from Mestophales' "Sedition Soldier" that I see in the product pictures. Can someone point me in the right direction? At the moment I'm having issues even getting the body suit to show up properly.

Like I said, I'm obviously new so please . . . have mercy.


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    Hello Styles

    I'm in a bit of a hurry now, but here are a few things to try.
    You're going to have to adjust your textures. (Make sure you set Metallic things as Metallic. Glossy Plastic as glossy plastic, etc)
    Lighting is another important element. When I use Daz (2.4) I use a Light Dome...

    Hope this helps a tad.

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    While I agree with everything Tsarist says, Light Dome Pro 2.0 doesn't work in Studio 4.5 (yet, there are plenty of people hoping that will change). Lighting is one of the major skills to master in getting your renders to look realistic, so I'd strongly recommend reading a few tutorials about both lighting and materials/surfaces.

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    Ok thanks. That's definitely the type of thing I was looking for. That's enough to give me a starting point anyway.

    I'm having additional issues though . . . the body suit is just a black blob . . . any idea why it's not showing up like it's apparently supposed to? I've tried applying different materials to it and what not.

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    Did you apply the DAZ Studio specific mats for it?

    They're found at \Mestophales\Sedition Soldier\Daz Mats\

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    Yeah I having a similar problem too with this. I tried use the texture to make my body suit to glow but it won't glow once I done the rendering. Could someone please help me with this problem is to how to put the texture on the bodysuit and the armor please thank you.

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