Kung Fu with Carrara and Transparency maps

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All live action is transparency maps to get the lights and shadows. I actually prepared six Kung Fu models, but could only load three. And if I saved, the file became corrupted. I had to prepare everything, then the very last thing was to add the models with x, y, and z and scale and rotation. Even then, with three models, it would crash after about 5,000 frames at 1280 x 720. But as long as I didn't save, I could use the same file.

I used Poser 6 for the models, but didn't keep any link to the file.

I had some pretty big problems, but the rendering is fast, the colors are very nice and the program is so easy to use.


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    Very, very nice! The textures on the singer were incredibly realistic! :-) Did you do the animation in Poser and then import it into Carrara, or import the characters and then do the animation in Carrara? I loved the way you mixed the song too. I could hear every word very clearly. You should do the next one with karate babes instead of karate guys.:cheese:

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