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Hi all :-)

Now that it seems that Optitex dynamic clothing sims can be used in Carrara, I grabbed a few freebies to see whether it was worth purchasing some content, but I'm having a big problem getting it installed in Studio 4.5 Pro.

I've looked at the official Optitex video on installing and have done it as well as I can figure out, bearing in mind that the Studio content no longer resides in Program Files, as it did when the video was made, but in My Document/My Library.

I get the thumbnail of the item showing in Studio, but when loading get an "A files or files are missing" error.

What has me puzzled is that the clothing comes in a zip file, which contains a folder 'BodiceShirt" inside that, there is another zip file named "content", as well as a thumbnail, template and licence. According to the video, the second zi file must be unzipped to the Daz content folder. There is no content folder, so I've tried unzipping it to My Library; that creates a content folder, containing Runtime, data, People files. Inside People, Victoria 4, inside that Dynamic Clothing, then finally inside that BodiceShirt.daz, Materials, BodiceShirt.daz.png and Thumbs.db.

So, what files are missing?

Of course, when unzipping the inner zip file, the files that come with it - the thumbnail, template and licence get left behind.

I'd really appreciate some guidance in this :-)


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,722
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    Take the stuff out of the Content folder and place it in the My Library folder.

  • RoygeeRoygee Posts: 2,220
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    Thanks, Richard - that works fine

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