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Average user concern - DS 4.5

JgraphNetJgraphNet Posts: 0
edited December 1969 in Daz Studio Discussion

Hi !
Been reding through the thread "GET DAZ STUDIO 4.5! See why...".
Awsome thread, I must say, but in all honesty I don't get even a fraction of it. Mainly since I'm an "average" user who don't have a clue to what all those three-letter do-hickeys actually do and never use them. As far as I can tell...

Picture is this:
I use Studio 4.0.3 Pro. Prolly overkill for my use but - hey - it was free and there was no sign attached saying "Do not use if you don't know what all those three-letter do hickeys actually do!", allright ?
So - I'm using DS for posing, lighting, rendering and in certain cases, exporting figures out as OBJ's. That's it.

The concerns I have about DS 4.5 can most probably be answered with simple Yes or No's. That's really all I need and complex, techie answers won't serve any purpose. I don't know what the fregg you'r talking about anyways ...
I'm just using DS and it is supposed to be user friendly, no ?
K' - here goes:

*DS 4.5 will overwrite the previous 4.0.3 and make it and plugins like Reality 2.2 dissapear ?

*If not, do I have to delete the 4.0.3 in it's entirety, install the 4,5 and start all over again with installing back all the content I now have installed ?

*Will all the previously released morph packs - like Muscle Morphs, Characters, V5, M5 and so forth - for Genesis work with the new Genesis Starter Essentials 1.3 ?

*Will V4 and M4 still be valid for use in DS 4.5 ?

Thanks !


  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
    edited December 1969

    Reality is in the process of being tested for the new version (, and should be availble soon, until then, it wont work in 4.5

    You would need to install the Genesis essentials installer, and it will work with all previous Genesis morphs and clothing etc.

    No need to re-install anything else.

    All of the older figures that you could use in DS3/DS4 will still work in DS 4.5

    I don;t know if there is anything you would really need in 4.5, if you are dubious about installing it, wait a while, and keep an eye on the forums. It is never a good idea to upgrade sorftware just because it is there (IMO), I usually let everyone else find the bugs (assuming that there are any of course :))

  • JgraphNetJgraphNet Posts: 0
    edited December 1969

    Thank you, Sir, JimmyC ! :)

    Clear and concise answer there. I appreciate it.

    > Reality is in the process of being tested for the new version (, and should be availble soon...

    Seems like Aug 24 :

    > I usually let everyone else find the bugs (assuming that there are any of course )

    Yeah ... like ... right .. !! :)

    Well, I dl'd the 4.5 up but I will definitely leave it be for a while before going live with it.
    Seems some are having shaky (not quite stable) performance from it still.

    Thanks !

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