DAZ 4.5Pro download.

RedFlyRedFly Posts: 19
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I downloaded the recent 4.5 pro version as i thought but it comes up as ver 4,0,3,47win -32 bit exe ?

in the downloads available it is shown as 4.5 as are all the Goz.bridge to PS etc but when checking

in the Help menu About Daz it is shown as Ver this as it should be?

Or have I lost the plot!!



  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,611
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    You will have both and in your available downloads - you may need to go on to the second page to see the 4.5 installers.

  • RedFlyRedFly Posts: 19
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    Thank you Richard,

    I was on the right page but failed to see the version at the rh side.

    Must take more care in future to read the small print.

    Having lost vision in my left eye + Glaucoma in my right eye going into

    tunnel vision ......but i just love DazStudio...am sorry for the trouble.

    Many thanks

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