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Studio 4.5 consistently crash when rendering
Posted: 03 November 2012 01:35 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 46 ]
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Hi guys

Some days ago I took a very serious decision and uninstalled DAZ 4.5. No, nothing dramatic in there, I just wanted to reinstall from zero (:

The thing is, with a clear install, nothing added, DAZ 4.5 renders perfectly without crashes. That made me think the problem is something I had installed (huge problem, I had 45gb of content installed!). So I proceded to install items, no more than five on the first time, and tried rendering. Again the same crash on the second render just like I had before!!! And again with Reality/Lux there were no problems.

I had installed only Victoria 5, Stephanie 5, NautiCallie, Wicked Fevah (and textures) and XT World core/lush. (I decided to install only Genesis items to avoid cross issues).

I then thought the most probable cause of any issue would be XT World, and uninstalled it. And DAZ started to render again without problems!! So, at least in my case, XT World was the culprit. Or one of them. Its a shame, I like that thing, got all variations. Sad I cant use until it gets a new version.

Now I’m installing omnifreaker Uber Shaders and so far all is working properly.


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