lock a pin? want to keep a body part still, no constantly changing its pin

I heard in one of the DAZ tutorials that you can "lock" a pin. How?

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    maybe there's a way to parent a body part to an object?

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    Pinning and locking are the same thing, and if the figure is moved too far wil fail. No, you can't parent a part to a prop.

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    The pins move if you even nudge the figure oh so slightly. Say you tell the hip of an object to move manually, there they all go. If you so much as tell ONE hand to move it's origin to a place that is actually in range to keep the opposite hand pinned, the opposite will still lose it's pin. I'm sorry, but it's starting to feel like the rigging system might as well not even exist. Is that seriously all there is to try to keep an appendage e in place? What was so wrong with normal inverse kenimatics?

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    Okay this might be your trouble. The Pin's on the IK Ball only lock the IK not the X,Y,Z position. To PIN a part in place you need to PIN the bone. Pick the Bone tool from your tools and then pick the part you wish to PIN on the figure. Once the figure part is selected hit the Spacebar. You now have a Bone Pin. You now use the Bone tool to do all your moving of the figure. Once you change your tool the Bone pin is off.

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    Jaderlail , it is great,,, I had never used this tool for posing,,

    becaues there are so many option, and I can not understand clearly how to use it.
    now I try it, click "space" yes it can pin bone perfectly . and I can move another bone.

    I actually thought same thing Torkuda said.
    when I pin transration and rotation, by pose tool, (three color circle)
    the node never keep position. yes they move, if I move another bone.

    but as you say,, bone tool is great for me. it works perfectly.

    So I think "bone tool" means "Active pose" tools ^^;?

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    Barely functional. The second you try to rotate something, even with active pose still engaged, the pins move unless you are manipulating the figure directly.

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    That's because ActivePose is meant to be used on Translations (only) and IK is for rotations (only).

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    No, IK will work with translations - try pinning the feet or hands and lowering the hip

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    You can translate the position just fine, so long as you grab the pieces of the model directly. However if you try for any thing specific with the rotation dials, you can forget it, as far as the dials are concerned the bone pins don't exist.

    Why is it every time I try to use Studio over Carrara, Carrara comes out looking like the old rusty ten speed and Studio like a bike with training wheels, flashing lights, a bell, a basket on back, twenty speeds but oh... someone forgot the front wheel? This isn't something unimaginable, it's a straight forward part of animation and posing.

  • I love Daz but I'm with Torkuda on this one. I'm using 4.9 pro and the dials under the parameters tab ignore rotation and translation pins. If I'm trying to make a small adjustment, I use the numbers to the right of the sliders in the parameters tab. The direct grab tool is clumsy by comparison. I get the bone tool work around mentioned by Jaderail but should you have to? Can't we just fix what's broken or not written in the code?

    This post is from 2012. It's 2016 and this is still an issue. Maybe this would be a good thing to fix in the  Daz 5.0 release. 

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    The pins never work, which would be a bug (and new), or the pins aren't as rigid as you'd like, which isn't a bug per se?

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    I can not stop myself to join this topic again laugh    even though I stop it,, some new user must find it easy,, untill daz  improve "pin"

    And  it is funny,, before at least active pose tool worked for the purpose. but at current about genesis3 , it have  broken , long time.

    you can  see, geensis3 can not keep pinned foot, when you move another foot above,,. but genesis2 can keep pinned foot position. 

    then ofcourse ,, usuall pins and pose not improved..  


    So that genesis3 is actually has degenerated about posing.  or she can not dance well. or she can not kick well. 

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    This is a good vid tut; if I forget the specifics, I give it a quick watch.

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    Sorry Jaderail,

    Jaderail said:

    To PIN a part in place you need to PIN the bone. Pick the Bone tool from your tools and then pick the part you wish to PIN on the figure.

    what tool you're talking about (under the Tools menu)? Joint Editor, Node Selection, ActivePose, ... ?

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  • Active Pose, I think, which has a bone on its icon.

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    But I say, not expect too much.  the pin is more made well than Usuall poze pin.  before I sometimes recommend it,, but I had seen, manycase,

    serious user complain again about cases it not work well you expected.. if you use this tool for animation, then adjust pose with keeping pin,

    you often  see "sliding" or "shaking" the node which, you set active pose pin,,   between key and key.

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    Thank you.


    I just was irritated, not being able to find the tool named in that post.

    OK, it doesn't work 100%, but it is helpful. A longer time ago I had a scene where a character should have hands and feet in the same position, while only hip/pelvis should be moved for the next scene.

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