Before I Post in the Wrong Creating .ds/MAT poses

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Hello everyone~ I'm not sure where to post this question, so I thought I'd land it here first. I would like to learn how to create .ds material files, or MAT poses (are they the same thing?) and also how to troubleshoot why they may not work in DAZ.

This would mainly be for clothing at first. Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated.

My apologies if this is the wrong forum for this query *cringes* I'm very much a newbie to forums, so please forgive me :red:
Thanks for viewing~ hope to hear back soon!


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    Are you asking how to save a preset, or how to set the materials up in the first place? File>Save as>Materials preset will do the former, though if you want it to work in DS3 and are using DS4 you should use the deprecated script version from a sub-menu of File>Save as (the name of which varies by version, I'm not omitting it out of perversity).

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    here is a link to our old DAZ Studio Tutorials if you scroll down to the section called:

    Creating, Converting, or Packaging DAZ Studio Material or Scene Files you will find several different tutorials to help while they are for DAZ Studio 3 the principle is the Same.

    her is another one I made the images are not working as its located at the old site but the instructions are still valid

    this should help you out.

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    Thanks for the guidance & advice, everyone. I do appreciate it~

    @NeilV~ Thanks so much for the links you provided here, they look to be quite informative, especially your tutorial.

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