DAZ Put your heart into your products!

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1 I send support icket about your products, then support say ,
"I can not understand why you think so.
he said "eldorin for genesis can use in daz 4.0.3 not only 4.5rc, so tell me why you think so."

(eldorin can not use in ds 4.0.3 I said so, and hope to change contents)

support man do not check if customer send bug ticket. then I must say more detail again.
they are come with duf not dsf ,so I can not use it, check read me on web,
and file type.

today I get reply. it said "Now your problems are removed!!"

So I itemized order history, and download new versionup contents

that is "Eldorin for Genesis - 14579_EldorinForGenesis_1.3_trx.exe "

yes they change 1.2 to 1.3

so I uninstall old eldorin for genesis (which comes at duf)
then install "Eldorin for Genesis - 14579_EldorinForGenesis_1.3_trx.exe "
after install it, I check read me files from link of installer.

yes they change , now eldrin clothing come as dsf. not duf.

then I opend ds4, check products ,, NO!!!
they do not change the contents. they are came as duf, and now I can not check even icons.

so I check it by exprore, they are seme,, not duf , they come at dsf.

It means thant they change only read me describe. not change contents.

are you joking DAZ??

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    I check again support reply.

    he said it is misunderstanding and sorry . but DAZ do not change their contents.

    and they suggest to install ds 4.5 rc.

    It means DAZ sold products for RC ver only, in sale time without mention.

    of course I recall .

    DAZ you are perfectly misunderstanding.

    and why daz do not tell us, when their bug contents update ?

    why I should serch and check in forum when new contents version up,

    for daz bug again?

    I get many bugs about daz products for 3 months.

    missing meta-data, wrong rigging bones , missing texture files in 4.0.3
    wrong installer.

    and they never say when correct it. some bug products fro 4.0.3 are just leave off.
    and DAZ say "you can use RC ver."

    I never hear to use products for aprication, I must use RC ver.

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    sorry to hear about this, and people wonder why there is so much negativity in the forums. Issues like this can be avoided and it is unfortunate that they took this stance with you.

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    It's like watching a train wreck, only the train is wrecking itself on purpose.....

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    If I can say nothing about bug of daz produts, bad things which should be improved,
    or when feel discomfort about way of daz, in daz official forum ,( it is here),
    I think the forum was only for believer or daz workers.

    if all men should behave like men who come to believe DAZ religion. I do not come here .

    when there are bugs, someone report it , when feel there is problems , someone say to public, and sometime angry.
    and people talk about it. or not apart in. other people know that, they can choose to buy it or not.

    it is usuall.

    Some or many people say about many good things about daz and daz products here. I said sometimes
    when I feel too.

    but it is not so important things I think. because if men say something , it means he actually choose daz and
    bought daz products .

    On the other hand, if people get only free items, or only PC 1.99 items, and say everytime thanks and cheer daz,
    it seems happy , but DAZ and artists will stop to make products.

    I never say men who feel happy, and thaks to daz. " please stop to say good things about daz, please stop joking ".
    I never quarrel in other topic which mentiond about daz good points.

    but if people who dare not to say any faults about daz, pretend not to see the fault, and never ask daz to improve,
    if do not demand daz to remove bugs, and just cheer daz, because of feeling happy, or positive thinking,
    it seems unusual for me.

    why DAZ would not atach some caution about this products in addhitional infromation?
    after they find and recognize it, yet?

    it is so easy. they just uproad their product page and apply "must need daz studio 4.5 rc3" .
    to clear what products they sell is basic rule for web shop . they can do it if just think from stand point of customer.

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    Edit because apparently 4.5 is updated and no longer a release candidate but a real release. I have to use it but I am still unhappy that the plugins don't work properly in it. :(

    After this I probably won't update. I hate every update breaking plugins, and loosing more plugins every time there's an update.

    AND supposedly pw plugins are updated but they are STILL buggy and not working properly. BuMMER. It's pretty sad that I do so much in DS4, but still have to export the entire scene as an OBJ (since Ds4 breaks the scene compatibility with older daz versions... NOT a good move at all) and then suffer my way through manually applying EVERY SINGLE FREAKING SURFACE SETTING AGAIN- just to render it properly using DS3 with the shaders I need.

    Also DS4 just runs so horribly, horribly slow. And I run out of memory a lot these days. DS4 is not for the computer with limited memory resources.

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    kitacoredaz, this is not the same DAZ most of us had come to love. Things didn't use to be this way here. The forums were quite liberal - as long as you kept your posts civilized and didn't get into politics or religion. And I was one of those people who was a Daz Cheerleader - in my eyes, Daz could do no wrong, they were always more than fair with their customers. Then they announced their merger with another company....which was when things began to unravel. It was slow at first...but things sort of picked up with the release of DS4 & Genesis. I had to drop out for a while because of health issues, but when I came back in February of this year - I no longer recognized the company I had spent so much $ on, and had come to love.

    The way they handled the new store and forums was the last straw for me. For the first time in six years, I had a post removed the other day. It wasn't just mine that was removed - there were quite a few people...because we made a negative comment on an "official Daz release thread". *PFFFFFFTTTT* I used to recommend this company to anyone who would listen - well, that's stopped. And I am sorry you experienced what you did - a few years ago, it would have been handled differently. Maybe you should wait on purchasing something until you've checked the forums, and see what others have to say about a product? Problem with that is - the place is like an empty tomb. It USED to be packed with people, but since the new store, they're leaving in droves. This new Daz doesn't seem to value its customers the way the old one did...which is why I rarely buy anything here any more.

    I won't install DS4.5, and my current machine won't run Poser. So I'll be staying with DS4 - I'm just starting to feel comfortable with it - even tho it crashes often, but at least my plugins work. Genesis is another issue. I think it's a big mistake to back Genesis only content - not everything about Genesis is wonderful, at least to a terminal noob like me. In my runtime, Genesis is a very cool addition to my Gen4 (and Gen3 & 2) family - NOT a replacement.

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    Yep! I've found that I have a life away from DAZ. :-o The annoyances of the new website, bumbling issues in Studio4 and decreased
    tolerance for dissention on the forum drove me out of my "strapped-in" seat at the forums and continuous perusal of the catalog.
    Now I just drop in for a quick peek at the goings-on but have pretty much abandoned the DAZ forum & catalog.

    I have DAZ Studio4 on one machine but never use it despite having purchased a few of the basic Genesis items. I stick with
    DAZ Studio3 on my primary machine and have a great time playing in my existing toybox of models & textures.

    I got slapped on the wrist and had my post removed for giving my opinion of recent management changes. I'll try to see if I can
    walk-the-fence again.

    DAZ never was a big league organization. It started out as a mom & pop organization with fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants technology
    implementation, but somehow produced a really cool product (Studio3-Pro). And, to their credit they tried to at least treat their
    customer's well, but after all their acquisitions and perceived inattention to detail & maintenance it seems that they bit off more than
    they could chew, choked on what they had and are in the process of vomiting on us all. DAZ has been an old friend but we are saddened
    by their malaise and wish for their recovery "soon".

    This reply is probably over-the-top and will probably be removed. So appreciate it while it (and I) are still here. :-o

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    I vote for a poll to see how many people have had posts removed ;-)


    PS - the above was tongue in cheek. I don't really mean to encourage anybody to start a poll seeing as how they're bad and all that.

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    The correct way to deal with any issues that you have with Moderator actions is to either report the issue, contact the moderators by replying to an email from the team or to file a support ticket.

    Discussing moderation issues in the forum often leads to a recurrence of the issue the forum team was trying to fix or avoid, so we do not allow it

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    wow did i step into one ofmy past post.

    You all sound like me when Daz announced they were divorcing Smith-mirco and Gen4 for Geneisis ..to me that is when the proverbial Poop hit the fan, for a lot of us long time poser and daz3a users.
    IMO I don't like genesis . its does not animate well , it has a laundry list of problems still.and it is no longer compatible with Poser. no matter how many work arounds they give us to make it so ,its just to darn much work in bothering. with it. ( can I say Darn on this forum?) I always enjoyed being able to be used products bought at daz in both poser and Daz Now days its not worth the money for me to buy character models I can't use in poser.

    I figured it this way. if daz was making changes to their software and what and who can use their models. and i don't like as a consumer I can take my money else where for products i can use in my poser and daz3a programs. Which is what I have done

    Daz gave Genesis & Daz4 away free in hope to make it as popular as daz3 once was.. the problem was. its will cost us consumers more to use Genesis and we will not be able to use the genesis products with out having to jump through a bunch of hoops to make it work in poser. which to me is not worth my effort.

    I am a loyal Daz3a and Poser user. But I recently started taking some classes on using Autodesk Maya at Tennessee State.
    I came to the decision that it will be more cost effective for me to learn and use a program that does not depend on a company to provide me models so i can use it. Then a year or 2 later change the program so you have to buy all new models again, That is a lot of BS to me

    I don;t care how much Daz preaches you can use all the older gen4 stuff in Daz4 or 4.5 now... But i will tell anyone right up front.
    if you want to use it with other programs like poser your SOL Genesis is a standalone program I believe it was ment to be and that is when Daz and Smith Mirco parted way for supporting each other products.

    One good thing I have learned. No matter what version Poser your using from Poser4 up to 2012 pro. all the Gen4 products and tools still work in in the poser programs. something to think about the next time your looking at investing affordable 3d art program.

    A question you should ask your self when you go to buy a new model.."Will i be able to use this product next year". If it is a daz product the answer is properly no. but that is just my opinion..

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    when ds 4.5 will come as product ver, I thought this topic has no means to anyone.:coolcheese:

    but I do not intend to say about this prodcuts only.

    Ivy, I know . the best way is just make asset by myself
    and it is better to save as file format which I can use iin many 3d programs.

    actually Im studying every day (for hobby) to make obj , and assign material ,
    about shading,,

    I study blender, hexagon, and Carrara each day.

    I do not want persist only daz studio, or daz, or genesis figure.

    though it is so easy to use them for make the 3D scene not as artistic render just ,
    some photo to use my web novel etc,,

    I do not hesitate to say



    actually if DAZ sell the ds 4.5 as 100$, if custmoer feel it is worth to buy they will buy it I think.
    it is same as many products.

    I think DAZ have missed something because many guy treat DAZ as their child.

    They need more responsibility and pride about their selling products.

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    Beyond all this talk about Daz's pride and predjudice, it wasn't such a good move to unleash the D|S4.5 final on the heels of RC3, and then quietly release the SDK final a day later. The 4.5 codebase should have been locked, and then the PAs should have had a couple of months to play with the SDK and update their plug-ins. A liitle transparency would saved a lot of eroded trust.

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