Gis Orion Export/Import issues

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Using GIS Orion, I am trying to create a scene in Bryce along the lines of GIS Orion DAZ 1 and 2. However when I export the GIS Orion figure out as an .obj file and import it into Bryce, I lose the transparency of the glass, which is crucial to the scene. I want to use Bryce to get better results with the landscapes.

Note in the Bryce scenes that there is transparency in the front and indicated by the light piercing the shadows. But otherwise it is opaque, creating darkness and making a view to the outside impossible. I added a light but this only proves that the glass is opaque.

How can I get this figure to export the material as transparent to Bryce? For that matter how can I get the materials to consistently export/import from Daz to Bryce? Sometimes it works beautifully and other times it is just the default gray.

FYI : I am on a Mac running 10.6.8, DAZ4 pro and Bryce 7 Pro.

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    Here is another screen shot of the GIS Orion figure in Bryce rendered with the light.

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    You always have to Apply transparencies manually in Bryce. Select the mesh part that is the windows. Move to the texture editor, If there is an actual alpha map included in the texture set, then put that in the first dot agaist transparency. To do that you need to click this dot, and then in the texture editor screen on the right click the "P" at the bottom, this takes you to the picture editot. Click on the next empty square, go to whree ever the mats are stored and find the alpha (or trans map and load it. In the top part of this screen select copy on the first pane and paste on the 2nd pane. You should now have an alpha that works. Take your self back to the main texture editor screen, click the little arrow besides the screen showing your texture, and click on "Blend Transparency"

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    By texture editor, do you mean the materials lab? I can't find anything that called itself textures.

    When I did this through the materials lab I lost most of the grid in the stained glass.

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    yes sorry I did mean the mat lab. Is there not a transmap for the windows in the textures supplied with the model?

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    I managed to locate the glass through trial and lots of errors. I have changed it to glass but selecting from the various glass options in the mat lab. However I lost a lot of the detail in the "ribbing' of the glass. I can live with that.

    for the moment let's say this problem is solved. Thanks again.

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    I am glad.

    I had problems, because I don't have this set, so couldn't check it myself. I know some of the very old ones, which were still under RHS name, didn't have usuable alpha's for Bryce, but I thought Jack had made them more usable in the newer sets.

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