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Convert your Steampunk Corridor into a Bunker - New Window Prop
Posted: 26 May 2012 06:38 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Now you can turn my Steampunk Corridor sections into a bunker with this new window Section.—-for-Steampunk-Corridor

Each section of the blast shielding is a child prop, and can be opened\closed\angled independently. The window glass is made up of two layers, giving it real world depth that can be used with Ray Tracing or refraction to give the effect of armored glass.

This prop was designed to be used with any of my Steampunk Corridor sections that use the standark Bulkhead template. Simply select the corridor section and hide the bulkhead using the Opacity settings in DS\Material Room in Poser. Then put this section in its place.

Props designed in Hexagon. Included MATs and PP2 and OBJ file for easy use in Daz Studio, Poser and other 3D software packages.

Please report any bugs so that I can get them fixed.

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I have gotten so much use out of your stuff, you wouldn’t believe! Just the kind of things I have been looking for.

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Nice job - again.  The shutters are not distributed across the window opening for some reason

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True, but it was easy enough to move them into place.
However, once in place I could not rotate them the right way to open and close.
Probably missing something, will have to play around with it some more.

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