Can you "weld" accessories to characters?

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I'm not very advanced at DAZ, but I'm trying hard to learn. Currently, I am making accessories for my characters in Hexagon, but haven't sent any of them to DAZ yet.

I was wondering if it's possible to attach accessories to your characters in DAZ, like earrings or hair or a ring. I want to do that so when I pose the character, I don't have to keep moving the item to match the pose.

If it's not possible, would I just have to import the character to Hexagon, weld the accessories to the character, then send the character back to DAZ? The rigging would be gone, so I would have to remake the bones, right? (This is really hard sounding, so I'm not excited about this idea.)

I know you can make character presets, so does doing that make the clothes stay on, too?


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    That is called Parenting. Load your figure then load the prop (earring ect...) and position it where you wish it to stay. Open you figure in the Scene Tab and Drag the Prop to that part.

    Example: Put a gun in the right hand, then Parent it to the Right Hand. It will now follow the hand. You will still need to pose the hand but your item (prop) will stay with the figure as you pose it.

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