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Is it possible to combine behaviours and physics? I want to make a spinning coin that settles on a table.
So, I thought I might combine a modifier (behaviours > spin) with physics, but the behaviour only works with the keyframe method.

Any ideas?

Br, Donleavy


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    I think with physics there's an option to set an initial velocity. In this case it's an angular velocity, so set it at whatever you want to make it start out spinning. No need for keyframing or anything else. But you'll have to set the Z axis angular velocity to a very high value, maybe 5000 or something.

    Anybody fall asleep ?

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    Works on a simple cylinder primitive:

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    I think you can also add a "torque force" to slow down the spin afterwards. Or maybe the "damping force". I didn't try either, but initial velocity seems to work fine.

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    Works for me...thanks Holly


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    Thank you for your help - that did the trick! Now the trick needs tweaking to look convincing....

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