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RGBA splat map export
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it is possible to export texture splat map from Bryce? There are up to 4 terrain textures, which can be mixed, which gives me the idea, that it could be exported as RGBA splat map (each channel for one texture). This would be very usefull for games, because I can import such map to almost any game engine on the market and use it for distrubution of textures. Thanks for any answer.

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While David B. or Horo may have an workable answer, if this is what you speak of:
then the simple answer is no because Bryce can only use a max of 2 diffuse channels (w/ alpha channel blend of a third) and doesn’t export alpha channels directly (as far as I know).

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dan whiteside - 14 August 2012 06:35 PM

While David B. or Horo may have an workable answer, ...

Well, that leaves David. I’m not wiser than Dan. I also think not.


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