Well done... you're finally getting back to Daz... a better Daz...

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Hello Daz3d folk,

I just had to drop in to say this to you. After the Store & Forum change fiasco - where everything went south really fast - and so many weeks of anger, frustration and threats of departing this place to never return... things are slowly and finally coming together.

There are still issues... yes indeed. Like the PC situations. I had trouble with it that is not resolved because the direction I was given, I didn't really wish to take at the time, because I wasn't in a position to do so. That aside...

I'm slowly starting to RE-warm back up to being here. I want you to know, that in truth... I LOVE the new changes to the store now that they are starting to reveal themselves. I LOVE the new look of checkout... it is easier!

I love that the links to download my new content is in my emails... love it!

I love how when I'm shopping for hair, other hair styles line up to the right to show me options just in case I might wish to buy another type or add it to what I'm purchasing.

I LOVE that big receipt graphic thingy that give me my order number to show purchase successful!

I LOVE the new bold display and the black ban below to show pricing.

IT IS... easy to menuever and get around.

I LOVE how I can email a product or the new freebie to a friend!

The Forum... is finally showing our Avatars and siggies... well done!

There are other things about the new store that I've experienced and said to myself, "Oh, that's cool!" and I smiled thinking, so I see now why the change - and although we all - Customers - Vendors - Daz workers - went thru HELL... the sun is starting to rise once again, in Dazney Land...



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    I agree. Congrats and thanks to all the folks implementing all the repairs and making all the fixes.

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    Yep, I agree the bugs have been swept away from the store. Thanks for all the efforts. While under construction, Customer Support and Forum Admins made the situation much more tolerable given the technical challenges and being besieged with questions. It must have been a tough season, you have proven your mettle!

    I understand that account download management is being improved, however one more small wish... Please bring back the DVD archiving service so we don't have to install our runtime library one item a time each time we upgrade our PC or purchase a ton of products!

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    I gather the new installer which is to come will do automatic installing for you, so no more frenzied clicking.

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    Thanks everyone. It's so nice to get a post like these. We are working hard and still have some ways to go, but we are happy the your experience is improved. That was the plan.

    More to come, as we continue to fix and update the site.

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    I'm going to keep this positive and just agree that yes, there have been some improvements and that's great to see!

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