What is the difference between the Studio and Studio 4 folders in my DAZ folder

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I'm having some trouble understanding the two folders.. some of the things I save show a path to Studio4.. but I cant seem to access anything saved there.

Example. A Character dsf file gets saved to studio/my library. A materials dsf will try to save to studio 4/content folder instead.

It seems everything else I do the paths are always to Studio folder.

There is very little in the Studio4 folder, it appears to have a content folder instead of my library folder.

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    I have a Studio4 folder as well, and I thought it had been a leftover from the Beta versions that I used, but seemingly not. It appears to only contain Material or Character presets that I have saved at one time.

    My Studio4 folder is listed in the Content Directory Manager, so all of the content is visible inside DS4. If you go to Edit > Preferences > Content Library > Content Directory Manager, you can add it there if it is not there already.

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