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Newbie Question: Are skins/morphs backwards compatible?
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I just downloaded DAZ3D today and have only been playing with it for a few hours but I have a newbie question.

BTW - if this question has already been answered in the forums, I apologize. I will admit, I didn’t read every post but judging from the ones I did, I got no definant <sp?> answer.

As I said in my header….are the morphs/skins backwards compatible?
—- example: the Sci Fi outfit ‘Major Invasion’ requires Michael 3. What if I buy & download Michael 5 (the latest version)—does the skin/morph work on that body style?



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Fourth generation skins (textures) can be used on Genesis and Genesis shapes such as Michael 5, but third generation maps would need to be converted with texture Converter 2 and the plugins for the original and destination mapping (fourth generation to use on Genesis). Morphs can be transferred if you have Gen X and the Genesis shape for the source figure. Clothes can be converted from the fourth generation figures with the basic AutoFit in DAZ Studio Pro, and can be converted from third generation figures with the addition of the Genesis shape for that figure.


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