Raunchy Roach Motel

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Official Redlight/SilCorDyne press release:
Presenting the Raunchy Roach Motel- Redlight's latest innovation in pest control. After years of studying the questionable habits of humans with less than sound judgement, Redlight has translated that information into the Raunchy Roach Motel, Which when used with its other products such as- Cricket Crack House®, Spider Trailer Park® and Waterbug Liquor Store® will encourage pests to live an unhealthy and debaucherous lifestyle which can lead to their eventual destruction.

High quality printing techniques create a product that will fit in with any decor. Both functional and beautiful, it is sure to be conversation piece at your next party, dinner or bridal shower.
Makes a great gift and children love it too!

Raunchy Roach Motel and the entire Delinquent® series are now safer than ever! No more worrying about dangerous explosions like in our older Mouse Meth Lab® models. All units in the series are printed on NoSplode™ a new explosion resistant paper that is so safe, that starting in 2014 The US Army will only use NoSplode™ toilet paper in combat zones! And what Giant Mega Corporation would ever put our brave and dedicated troops in harm's way?
Maybe the other guys, but not SilCorDyne!

Sleep soundly knowing that heroine overdoses and tiny drive-by shootings are whittling away at your pest population, one bug at a time!

This is a slightly improved version of a model I made as a joke in a thread in DAZ's old forums, a few months ago. I actually spent more time on the promos than the model, so don't expect too much detail. You might want to scale it down slightly if it is too big looking.
I did not test it in DAZ Studio yet, but it should work alright in it.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE A REAL LIFE VERSION! Doing so may reduce your property value and lead to gang violence between rival pests.


And find it here: http://www.ShareCG.com/v/64198/view/11/Poser/Raunchy-Roach-Motel

1148 x 1000 - 386K
1100 x 1102 - 418K
1148 x 1000 - 428K
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    You are better than the Sunday comics! I haven't had such a wholehearted giggle in days. Thanks for the freebie and especially the laugh.

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    Love it

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    Hmmm, not sure it's big enough for full grown Palmetto bugs. I had one carry my 6 month old son across the living room one night! Tried to kill the bug with my .22. Dang bullets bounced off! Guess I'll have to wait for the super-deluxe condo version.

    (Oh wait... I can just scale it up! Never mind.)

    Very Funny. Great laughs! Thanks for sharing.

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