So why I can not use Eldorin for genesis in ds 4.0.3?

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I can not believe DAZ sell the products for only RC ver not suitable ver.

who would check the products for genesis if I can not use it in ds suitable ver.

if DAZ do not correct it and change duf files to dsf. DAZ you are crazy.

it is sale item, so I bought , downloaded and keep it. I used PC ticket for the products.
I never think need to install RC ver for the products DAZ sold.


  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526
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    If daz hope customers to install ds4.5 and uninstall 4.0.3,
    DAZ must update 4.5 as suitable ver. but they can not do it yet.

    I think they can not rely on RC3 ver completely still.
    there seems to keep some problems as suitable version.

    So ds 4.5 RC3 is RC ver. they may not have duty of official support

    you know DAZ studio 4 is only official apprication which can use genesis figure and daz products for genesis.

    So why DAZ sell the products for 4.5RC3 ver now not for recent suitable 4.0.3 ver wiithout clear notification like flashy Sale CM?

    No need to install 4.5RC. DAZ should correct it. must do it.
    If user for 4.5 rc3 hope the duf files for official products, DAZ just sell it too with products for suitable ver.

    I just demand daz do commonplace commonly. not request so special things.

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    Apparently 4.5 is pretty close to going final, and Eldorin was probably built with .dufs on the idea it would be final before it released. That hasn't quite worked out, but things should sort themselves out relatively quickly.

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