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PSE compatible with Daz4

TrishaTrisha Posts: 86
edited December 1969 in Product Suggestions

Hi, well after much trying and searching I decided to ask the Daz techs how to get photoshop bridge to work with PS elements and Daz4 - it works perfectly with D3A. Sadly the D4 version only seems to work with CS.

I'd like to request for D4 bridge to be made compatible with elements. I read in an article about Daz the other day that they offered Daz studio 4 pro for free but wouldn't offer Carrara free because professionals tended to buy Carrara and hobbyists tended to use daz. So wouldn't it make sense to make the D4 bridge compatible with elements because maybe more hobbyists would use elements than the full PS creative suite? Anyway, finger's crossed :D

For now I have to go back to D3A to use the bridge..and I"ve been spoiled by Daz4 lol.

Here's hoping!

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