Is there a way to reset or lock character X-position (x-translate) from Animate?

I have Daz Studio 4 Pro (64-bit) and saved a single pose from an Animate-block as a new pose preset.

When I later on apply the pose to a character, the position (translate-x) is also copied which makes my charatcer move to a different place in the scene, but I don't want my character to move.

Is there a way to save a pose from Animate-blocks without getting the translate-x? Or can I lock the translate value? Camera follow has been giving me poor results.

(BTW: I have tried to change the translate-x in both the pose and in the Animate-block and it is always 0 so no luck there...)

Help is highly appreciated since I'm stuck on this one :(

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    I found the answer myself after a few trial and errors :)

    When saving a frame in an Animate-block I selected "Genesis" and in the tree-menu I unchecked "Genesis -> Hip -> Properties -> General -> Transforms -> Translation -> X Translate".

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