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Hello and its nice to see evry one here,,I think i managed to get to the heart of my decision makeing process ,,,thus i will ask this question,,,i had a really hard time getting a model made then uv-ing it, then adding a morph and some hair or fur and then putting some bones and animateing it,,i think you understand,,it was hard to get carrara to make one asset from start to finish and have a complete asset .
how do i gauge how much or how big the asset file can be and or how much could be rigging and what percentage would be hair and what about morphs for the asset and then being justs one asset how small would it have to be to allow for other objects to added to the scene without crashing every thing?,,,,
i have come to realize that maybe the question should be,,,how do i make all those different parts and save them to just one model in just one" runtime" ?
and would the carrara sdk be of any use in this? thanks yall


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    There's a lot that can go into making a large and complicated file. It might help if you described a little bit more of the your process and the assets you were creating.

    Some things to think about in creating a model or asset, would be the polygon count, the number of morphs, the image map size, the complexity of the rig, etc. There are other things as well. Did you save all internally in a single file? Did you optimize the interactive render settings for the assembly room? Did you optimize other Carrara preferences?

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