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If I have a text that is hovering above a cube or anything really and set up the physics would each letter be interactive with the environment, or would I have to create a letter for each letter of the text. I want to know before I try, so I don't get ticked off for nothing.

I search for this and many other things but the search engine doesn't seem to be working it gives me errors and wont go to the page if it goes through even if I click the button to take me there. If I click the link to take me to the search page it immediately gives me an error message.

Also trying to go to the threads I already made from control panel doesn't work anymore it will give me the right url code at the top of browser, but it wont go, I have to go to the main forum thread where I put my message and search at the bottom and then I can go to my thread I made; the weird thing is it has the same url but will only go when I search for my topic.

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    Regarding the physics, each letter will have to be individual, and the motion method set to physics. Don't forget to set the friction and such in the effects tab both for the physics object and any other objects they'll interact with!

    As to the forum question, your guess is as good as mine. Do you have the, "notify me via email when someone posts in this thread," checkbox enabled?

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    When it comes to the forum thing yes I have the notify me on. I wouldn't think that it would make a difference in getting to your page via a url that works one way but not another. I mean I look at the url and it exactly the same as when I search for it and find it. I only can get the search to work when it comes to the individual threads, but not the original search at the top right that says search forum.

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    I decided instead of making another thread I would use this one I can't search this thread I have to hunt it down. My search results doesn't exist according to the search engine. Anyways I had this on an old forum but I forgot the answer to it. I'm having trouble with the hair being transparent I've tried it with either light off and nothing, it stills stays transparent.

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    Fixed it somehow the toon effect was causing it.

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