How To Autofit for Victoria 4 / Michael 4?

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I understand Autofit for Genesis, rarely appeared to me parameters to autofit selection for Victoria 4 / Michael 4 and was adjusted properly for these figures like Genesis.

I can not make that then appears again.

I've only seen tutorials for autofit to Genesis. For Victoria 4 and Michael 4 is silent.

So how do autofit for Victoria 4 / Michael 4?

Thanks for your reply.


  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
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    The Autofit plugin is for converting clothing from other figures TO Genesis, and ONLY Genesis. There is no Autofit plugin for V4 or M4.

    Conforming clothing for V4 and M4 should fit these figures, but if not, go to the Parameters tab and find the 'Fit To' option.

    If you have clothing for other figures taht you want to fit to V4 or M4, you would need CrossDresser or Wardrobe Wizard ot similar.

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    JimmyC_2009 is correct, but some Genesis clothing will fit quite well to earlier Generation figures (without using Autofit), which may be where the confusion is arising.

  • VenerisVeneris Posts: 107
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    OK. Thank You.

  • I'm with you in the same boat. 'Fit To' does not always work.  It's unfair for there to be autofit for Genesis but not Victoria.  I've suggested to them that they make an autofit for Victoria.  I do not even work with Genesis as my pc is so weak it only loads Victoria bases.

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