How to make sure that textures are stored internally for presets (and other questions)

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HI all,

I hope the new forum is getting re-populated by the usual great crowd that used to be here before the new store... I am also back, and of course I've never stopped using Carrara, so I have some more questions.

I need to prepare most of my files for portability. I save all my scenes with everything saved internally, so porting them is not the problem, however, I've also created many presets (by dragging elements of my scene into the browser folders), and as I am finding right now, some of them were not internalizing the textures when they were saved (some did and some only contain filename references instead of textures). Maybe the same has happened to geometry too?

Anyway, question 1.1 is what can I do to make sure that presets saved by dragging to the browser always save everything internally?
Question 1.2 is -- can I do anything with the hundreds of presets I've already saved? Is there a script or some utility out there that can go through the files and just load in the references and save them internally as Carrara normally would given that setting?

2. I had links saved to the old forum and I cannot access them anymore. Even when I go to the forum archive link, I am getting server errors. Is that a temporary problem or have the old forums been deleted (I hope not as it had loads of useful information). Maybe I have a wrong link?

3. There were some projects in the old forums, which were in the process of being completed but not finished by the time the new forums came about. Have all those projects been automatically abandoned? (Some of the ones I remember were started by Fenric, but I can't find any mention of them in this forum...

Thank you all for keeping this place going and recreating it anew with all the helpful topics.
And thank you in advance for your help!

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