looking for clothes for postapocalyptic setting (torn, ragged, dirty)

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Hi, in a world where most models and clothes are rather fit for stuff like people magazin or the red carpet, it is hard to find some good messed up stuff.

I want to make a post apocalyptic pic with V4 and am currently looking for all sorts of ragged, torn and/or dirty clothing.
I allready got some nice hair, textures and one of those cybergoth masks and backgrounds/props, so I'm just looking for clothing and other accessories.

My main issue is finding a good scarf like Mila Jovovich in Resident Evil Extinction wore, preferebly with morphs where i can either have it neck only or also hiding part of the head or mouth, but any other clothing in that style would be appreciated too.


Freebies are of course prefered, but i also take commercial products.

Except for the scarf i am sure i can toss together some outfit from what i allready have, but would be interesting to see if you guys come up with different stuff.


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