Genesis Shape: Pig-Man

GavinDowningGavinDowning Posts: 0
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I love new morphs for Genesis, but there's one in particular I'd love to see which I haven't yet: a pig- or boar-humanoid shape for Genesis -- something along the lines of Predatrons Troglodyte's "War Pigs" would be spectacular. At the very least, I could definitely use a basic pig nose morph for Genesis.


  • SonofbelmontSonofbelmont Posts: 67
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    I agree
    I've seen several old fantasy videogames where orcs were depicted as pig men and I'd love to be able to replicate that look with genesis.
    There is already a pig nose that you can get in Genesis Creature Creator Heads but I've found it difficult to find a suitably ugly mouth and head to combine with it that doesn't alter the nose too dramatically.

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