Baroque Grandeur-Discount not working?

DisparateDreamerDisparateDreamer Posts: 1,958
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In the description of the re-release of Baroque Grandeur, it says "If you already own the original Baroque Grandeur you will receive a discount of 80% on this purchase. Discount will automatically be applied when you add the product to your cart. Offer ends August 23, 2012"

I have purchased it before and it is in my order history, however when I add it to the cart it does NOT apply a discount.

I'm also wondering if the rays in the new version are real light rays or planes of faked light.


  • Jack TomalinJack Tomalin Posts: 7,887
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    Well there was the issue of bundle owners not working, did you own that, or just the original base product?

    The light rays are neither, I did them in Photoshop. However, I keep meaning to try the Volumetric lights in DS.. anyone else care to give them a whirl?


  • AndyBerlinAndyBerlin Posts: 73
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    Hi belovedalia,
    to see the discount in the cart, you have to be logged in. Since no discounts are displayed in the "My Cart" at the top of the page, you need to open the real Shopping Cart.

    Yesterday I have bought the new version with no problems. I own the Baroque Bundle.

    @ Jack Tomalin
    Thanks for the discount on the upgrade.

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