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Is there a way to drag-select multiple items at once from the Scene tab in the middle of a large bunch?
There seems to be not enough space between items in the list to click in without unavoidably selecting one item and end up dragging it as if to be parented.

It can be done from the bottom up, but the groups I want to select aren't always on the bottom of the list (I know we can hold Ctrl and select with the mouse but that is tedious in large scenes).

If not can I request Daz look into it for a future update, please...


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    Shift-click. Works like CTRL-click, but you just click the top and bottom of the list, and it grabs everything in between.

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    Holy Moly!
    Whatta yaknow,

    It'd be nice if there was a way of selecting the unopened items within that spread too.

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