Can't get Daz to export material to .obj

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For reasons i can't figure out all of a sudden, the .OBJ exports are not saving my textures. I get a blank object when i import it back in.
Can someone suggest what i'm doing wrong? Uploaded a pic.

Of course it still is frustrating that you can't save any of the surface adjustments from the editor when exporting to obj or dae. Very painfull when dealing with large numbers of a objects.

1920 x 1080 - 294K


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    Ok. Newben out here. Well I found that once you get your materials set and adjusted, to just save it as a materials preset. This can be applied to each iteration of the imported object one at a time. It's better than having to applying & adjusting the materials of each component of the object every time it is imported. Still though, Daz was exporting the materials with the object before and is not now. Even though it never saved any adjustments. It's irrelevant now since i figured out the material preset can be applied to the imported object.

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    It should work, make sure there are no spaces in your OBJ name. Which version of DS is this? And is the Collect textures folder created at the file location you specified?

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