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AMR’s Proportions for Genesis - UPDATED 20120822
Posted: 14 February 2013 03:27 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 31 ]
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adamr001 - 14 February 2013 01:56 PM

They’re definitely working correctly for in using the latest version of the downloads.  I just deleted and redownloaded to test.

I suggest closing DS
Removing the morphs from your HDD (delete entire \data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\Morphs\adamr001\Proportions Gn AMR\ folder)
Redownload from

Test again.

It was my fault.  The problem was that in reorganizing to use DIM I had copied all the data parts of my former content to new content directories to use for the sole purpose of opening old scenes.  I then put (the new) Proportions and other 3rd-party stuff in another content directory (which ended up lower in the list).  So it was still using the old Proportions (which apparently have this problem) from one of the old data folders.

(This became obvious because I restarted DS after removing the morphs as you suggested, and they were still there.)

I removed the old adamr001 folder from old data folder that had it.  I also ordered the content directories with old data to be below the others, which I should have done originally. (Either alone would have solved the problem.)  Proportions now work OK.

Sorry to bother you and thanks for the help.  What you did with Proportions was especially useful to me in determining how to configure my own scaling morphs.  Thanks for providing them.

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Hey, glad you got it sorted out and that you found my proportions set useful.



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