Cuffed hair still crashing program.

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Is anyone else having a problem with April Cuffed 2 hair. I'm using 4.03.47 on an iMac (64 bit) and every time I apply that hair style...or try to...the program crashes. Never happens with anything I've used in my long (almost a month now) use of the program. This hair was not install in the place I usually find hair (My library...People....Genesis...Hair), but in another path (My Library...Content...Runtime...Libraries...Hair). Is that path an issue? There are also files for this hair in the "...Libraries....Pose" folder as well. Any thoughts?


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    The path is wrong -- Runtime should be directly under My Library, there shouldn't be a Content in between -- but I'm surprised that crashes the program, it should just tell you that it couldn't find the geometries and textures.

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