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How to create new Configuration setting with Mimic for Carrara
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In the Mimc_Pro_Carrara_User_Guide, it is implied that you can make a new configuration file for use within Carrara.

I’ve gone through, added NLA clips to use for all the different visemes.  Went to the Mimic tab, added the m4 dmc file to use as a base, used Select Clip tabs below to substitute my own morphs for the figure (which did not a dmc file). 

Now, how do I save these settings as a new dmc file or dmc file equivalent to use with this character in the future?

The manual suggests it can be done, provides a hyperlink to later in the document . . . but never actually says how to do it (or whether it can be done).

Not a huge problem since I can simply save the entire figure as a standard Carrara file, or save in my objects area, and as long as I load from there, figure should have the mimic compatibility I set up. But if anyone knows if and how this can be saved correctly, I’d like to know.  They even spoke about setting up multiple ‘dmc’ files so you could have more or less expressive visemes for figure in a given situation.

There is a save button at the top right of the mimic tab, but that only lets you save as cbr file, while mimic will only load dmc.  Tried simply appending the .dmc, but still won’t load that.

Any help would be appreciated.

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sorry Mosk, I wanna know the same thing using facially rigged iClone characters in Carrara with Mimic!


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Carrara’s Mimic can’t export the dmc, so you will have to figure out one of the other methods.

I believe only Mimic Pro (standalone) can export a .dmc

If you are Poser savvy you might peak at the dmc file in a txt editor. I believe it’s just morph dial names and settings.


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