Poser parented characters problem

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Well the title is a bit of a tongue twister but I have quite an annoying problem with importing certain poser things.
Basically the problem is this, certain freebies and commerical product use poser character parented like props on other poser characters.
However in many situations if you try to open such a character the first thingthat happens is D|S backside falls out, it ignores how the parts where parented and then scales everything completely bonkers.
Anyone got a workround for this?
I've tired exported as PZ3 in poser but then DS see the first item and decides it does not want to bothers with anything else!
Now I know that Daz could say, well it cannot be compoatible with all poser products which I suppose is accpetable but I know of at least one item for sale in the Daz store (from Davorama) that does this as well.
Any suggestions or should I go back to poser?


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    Point me to a freebie that does this so I can have a look at the problem.

  • ScoopeyScoopey Posts: 164
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    Hmm I'll have to look around,
    It was in my "backups"...
    However I did remember the Davorama product that does this when you load one of thet sets...
    Steve C

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    Which version of DAZ Studio? I remember seeing something in the changes log for DS 4.5 to implement Poser propagating scaling, but I don't recall if that's in the current RC or not yet released.

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