Saving Genesis morphs

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Hi all

Using Studio - made a Genesis morph via the Hexagon bridge - it worked correctly in Studio. Exported as a .dsf character file. It's sitting there in the character folder and the only way to get it back into Studio is by merging(?) - Genesis loads, but no morphs.

If I first load Genesis then merge, it promises to load the file contents and goes through the actions, but nothing.

Will really appreciate some guidance on how to save morphs


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    Character presets are basically just MOR pose files, they hold the dial info, pose info and surface info.

    To save a morph you need to save it as it's own .dsf file, I don't have 4.0 installed so I can't remember where it is, but in 4.5 it's under "File > Save as > Support Assets"

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    Thanks a lot, Bejaymac - that does it perfectly - support assets is where it's at.

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