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I wanted to create an scene with many m4 figures but it takes to long, how could you decrease M4 polygonal count without morphs been affected to much, i wouldnt worry that much to remake the morphs as long as i can decrease the polygonal account as much as i could, im not worry of my M4s loosing some naturality but explain me the process please or if i need another program to acomplish this, the actual model has too many polygons but i still want to morph and render the figure into DAZ.


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    There is a plugin for DAZ Studio called Decimator, and that is what it is used for. If you type in 'Decimator' in the Store Page search box you should turn it up. I will see if I can find a link for you.


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    M4 comes with several levels of detail, see Edit/Geometries/Add Level of Detail and select the file you want at runtime/geometries/dazpeople/blMilMan_m4b_LOD (the number in the file name being the number of polygons: 1K, 2K, 4K or 17000). Then go to the parameters tab, select Mesh Resolution and choose the name of the LoD you want.

    It's possible there is a more direct method to get at the LoDs, I've seen a mention of the Power Loader in one of the archived threads, but I never installed that.

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    Yes, as long as you have Power Loader installed (DAZ Studio anyway), on the Power Loader dialog go to Advanced > Mesh Resolution > and select LOD and the LODs you want. E.g.:

    608 x 470 - 32K
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    I do have the power loader but i have never seen those levels: M4 LOD

    Do they come with another product?

    And what u do in the case of V4 or 5?

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    They should be included in M4 Base (or any of the M4 bundles) file. Reset your M4 Order and reinstall it. V4 also has LOD levels, but Genesis/V5/M5 doesn't. OTOH the latter is significantly lower poly already.

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