Problem with Michael 4 - doesn't appear anywhere

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I have downloaded Daz Studio 4 Pro and tried to install Michael 4 on my iMac, but it doesn't appear nowhere in my Content Library. I read all tutorials and tried different ways to point the installed files, but nothing works.
Please, could anyone help me?
And is it possible that Michael 4 is not compatible with my iMac version of LION OS 10?


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    He will appear in the poser formats section

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    We have two content panes in Daz Studio 4, one being the Smart Content Pane and the other the old style Content Library Pane as it was in Daz Studio 3. M4 should show up in Poser Formats in the Content Library.

    If your Content Library is not open go to Window > Tabs > Content Library to open.

    See if you can find it there, if not on to stage two but I will wait to hear back.

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