Help! My camera "Rolls" around on me!

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I am having some issues when trying to animate my cameras in Daz Studio 4 Pro

I have my camera set, and I have it cycle forward a few frames, then have it move forward and turn right. When I check the keyframes, the values for the camera are right, but when I hit "Play", the camera does flips and rolls, goes from pointing forward to a rolling down-forward motion, and rolls sideways until it hits the next keyframe, then flips and rolls in the opposite direction until it hits the next keyframe. I am just trying to make a smooth "First Person Walkthrough"

It is really frustrating, and I am unsure of how to fix this. I haven't seen anyone else post something like this in the Community forum, so I feel I am at a loss.

Thank you for all your help!

Warm Regards,


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    This is a known problem - DS sometimes has a weird idea of the best route from frame a to frame b. I don't know if locking or limiting some of the rotations might help, otherwise try adding more keyframes or parenting it to a null and using that for some of the movement.

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    I tried locking the rotation parameters and that seemed to do the trick. A little annoying but it works. Thank you for the help!

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