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Hello at all,

I got a few probs with the structure of the Folders of DAZ.

I bought a few characters at Posers. Then I tried to put them into my content folders. But in the Content Library are only the folders, no character to put on the scene.
How to fix it?

2) How to bring an DAZ.exe character to Poser8?

I got a lot of challanges with all the different folders and files. Is there an instruction /explanation etc. ?The documentary semms not to be up to date - not complete in a way.
Or am I able to create my owh folder structure?

Thanks a lot


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    Hi Info :)

    There may be some confusion here about what you mean by a "Character" ...

    For example:
    A "Character" for V4, M4, Genesis etc.. would include a set of skin texture maps and perhaps either a custom Morph, or a morph setting using existing morphs in the base figure. this provides you with a new "character" which has a different body/face shape, and different skin /eyes textures.

    That may answer the first part about why you only have folders and no new model,. ..the "character" (textures and morphs) has to be applied to a model in your scene,. EG : V4

    When you ask about getting Daz3D models into Poser... the answert is that you simply install them to the Poser Runtime folder, or point your poser at the Daz Studio Runtime folder, and they'll show up in poser.

    Most of the Daz3D figures, are built to be used in either Poser or Daz Studio, depending on what the customer uses.
    It's the same model, and the same (.EXE) installer.

    The models care supplied in an EXE installer file,
    but the actual 3D model is in OBJ format, with a CR2 file to load into poser as a Poser Figure.

    Hope that makes sense :)

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    Hello 3DAge,

    thanks a lot for your assistance.
    a character means e.g.the Toon Dog Spot by Poser.
    The download came like this:
    Toon_Dog_Spot->Runtime->Libraries->Spot->2 *.jpgs
    - >ReadMe
    ->Textures->Spot->2 *.jpgs.

    Just to put it into the folder .../Studio-> My Library->Animals doesn't work. In DAZ Content Library is no Figure shown
    My Library->Figures->DAZ Animals -> shows me only the two freebies.???
    Where is my mistake?

    So,it seems I'm in a big trouble sorting my stuff at the right place. ;(

    Thanks for the explanation for poser - I will try that tomorrow.

    Good night

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    Ideally if it is a zip file, you would extract it, find the folder named "runtime" and merge it with the one in your libraray called "runtime"
    then it will appear
    (if you have previously done a content search in studio and enabled Poser formats in preferences)
    in your libraray under Poser formats.

    as I know you are an iClone user, there is another little trick worth knowing
    like iClone, drag and drop works
    just opening a Windows explorer window of the cr2 file and dragging and dropping it into studio will load it!
    like you can with iAvatars and iProps in iClone
    btw with studio dragging and dropping obj files etc works too! bringing up the import dialogue window

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    Hey Wendy ;)
    You again ;)
    Thanks a lot for your helpfullness.

    it worked - as always- fine!

    You see me impressed.

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